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Salt and pepper grinders

*Filling– Remove the stainless steel top from the glass to fill. Use peppercorn or salt and fill the glass slowly- you can use the silicone funnel to make it easier. Close the stainless steel top. Choose the size you would like the course and start enjoying your grinds.

* The grind– All mills are easily adjusted to create different size grind. Turn the adjustable screw right for coarse grind, and turn the adjustable screw left for finer grind.

* Maintenance-  take the glass body out, which is dishwasher safe.
Never was the ceramic grinder.


* Take care when using this product in order to prevent any injuries.
Remember that these are a type of knife and they are very sharp!

* Please use only the cleaning brush to remove any vegetable that remains in the peeler
do not put your fingers in the blades they are very sharp.

* Use the julienne slicer to make low-crab pastas such as zucchini noodles. Use carrots, sweet potato, cucumber and many other vegetables.Great for slicing, peeling, julienne and garnishing in one easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store kitchen tool.

Silicone funnel

       * insert the bottom of the funnel into the jar you want to fill.

* Slowly pour the peppercorn/spices/liquid into the funnel.

If anything gets stuck in the funnel, simply shake it gently until it runs down

From the funnel to the jar.

* Easy to clean- dishwasher safe.

Cleaning brush

* 2 in 1 cleaning brush.

       * Simply remove food peels and small pieces from any kitchen tool.Picture11