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Company story:

Mys Homeware was born from the desire to help people in their kitchens.

At Mys Homeware we share a passion for cooking and creating great flavor. Whether it’s a simple dinner or a celebratory feast, we provide the right equipment that can make all the different in your cooking.

Modern living-kitchen are places for eating, cooking and relaxing. Mys Homeware product development is largely driven by international culinary and lifestyle trend. Be inspired and learn to savor quality design.


Product description 

Salt and pepper grinders:

* Contemporary designed stainless steel and glass.

* Superior ceramic grinder- easily adjustable for fine to coarse grounds.

* Keep spices fresh for longer.

Ultra-sharp stainless steel dual julienne peeler+cleaning brush:

* 2 in 1 kitchen multi-tool.

* Turn your favorite veggies into thin spaghetti strands.

* 100% stainless steel & dishwasher safe.

* Create restaurant-style food preparations with the julienne peeler.

Silicone funnel:

*Collapses for efficient storage.

* Non- stick, environment friendly, non-toxic, odorless, soft, oil resistant.

* funnels liquids, small foods, spices, powder, Etc.

Cleaning brush:

* 2 in 1 cleaning brush.

* Simply remove food peels and small pieces from any kitchen tool.

Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, if you are not fully satisfied with the product or service, please let us know and we will make it right.

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